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Entry #3

Different Spastics.

2009-05-29 04:50:38 by HandsomeWarrior

True Story:

I was driving through the great town of Bournemouth listening to a Lilly Allen CD (my girlfriend had the car the previous night and had left it in the CD player).

Parked at the lights, out of the corner of my eye I saw a spastic crossing the road. But this wasn't just any old spastic - he was CHINESE!

Up until that moment I always thought that Down's Syndrome only effected white folk. I'd never seen an ethnic spastic before. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Then, the very next day I saw a BLACK spastic! He was sitting on a bench with a young lady who I thought must be his carer or something.

So, it seems Down's Syndrome can effects us all, no matter what your race is. It's just another thing that brings us closer together.

I for one have learned a very important lesson.

P.S: The irony was that I was the one listening to a Lilly Allen CD, so who is the REAL spastic in this so-called "society"?

Different Spastics.


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2009-05-29 11:24:09

Yeah its weird to see minorities with diseases.

(Updated ) HandsomeWarrior responds:

I know! I can't believe that I've never seen a non-white Downs' kid before!
It's equally difficult to find decent pictures of them on Google^.

I'll keep trying! :)


2010-05-15 15:58:04 /SuEjdC7JZvI/AAAAAAAAENU/OEeMO-CkLz0/


HandsomeWarrior responds:

Good call!

You are the GoogleMaster!


2010-11-29 23:08:18


(Updated ) HandsomeWarrior responds:

Basically some left-field social commentary.